1917 - 2017
1917 - 2017


On behalf of the officers and members of Mount Calvary Lodge #76, Prince Hall F & AM, and in the name of the Great Architect of the Universe, welcome to our official website!  

Take the opportunity to learn all that you can about Prince Hall Masonry and Mount Calvary Lodge. 

Mount Calvary Lodge is located in the 5th Masonic District, of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Ohio. 

"Freemasonry, a beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols..."


1295 Curtis Street
Akron, Ohio 44301

Phone (330) 687-5883

 Worshipful Master:  Bro. Steve Johnson

Senior Warden:  Bro. Brian Ellis

Junior Warden:  Bro. Raymond Woodruff

Secretary: Bro. Steven Pitts

Treasurer: Bro. Jerry Ellerson, PM


Every 2nd Thursday (Business) @ 7:30 PM

Every 4th Thursday (Ritualistic) @ 7:30 PM

 Darkness No Meetings in July and August


Degree Dates

EA on Thursday TBD
FC on Thursday TBD
MM on Saturday TBD
History of HB 27 Prince Hall License Plates (Ohio)

The Grand Lodge at request of the membership formed a committee to request the state of Ohio to mold a License Plate commemorative to Prince Hall Masons. This project and plate were available for sale beginning in August of 2010.  The State of Ohio will not continue to make this plate available if sales do not reach 500 plates by July 12, 2011. 

Please assist by ordering your plate today.  You can contact your local BMV or BMV on line to request the plate.  The fee for a normal plate is $25.00 over the cost of the original plate; more if you have a vanity plate already.  This plate will be prorated if ordered before your regular plate's registration expiration date.

Pleas act promptly for this worthwhile and commemorative endeavor.

Further information can be provided by the Committee Chairman MWPGM Rev. James H. Willis or the office of the Grand Secretary.


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